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Hours of Operation

Sunday 9AM - 6PM
Monday 10AM - 7PM
Tuesday 9AM - 7PM
Wednesday 9AM - 8PM
Thursday 9AM - 9PM
Friday 9AM - 9PM
Saturday 9AM - 6PM
For more info please contact Green's.


Green Seasoning is a mixture of fresh herbs, onions, garlic and spices.  It is a must have in any West Indian kitchen.  It can be used as a base to saute vegetables or for stews. It is popularly used as a herb mixture for curry or to season poultry, meat or seafood as a marinate. Green's Green Seasoning is made from no preservatives and is made fresh.

When meats are marinated with the Green Seasoning, the results are mouth-watering!  Green's Green Seasoning marinates down to the bones of the meat.

Try our Green Seasoning today! Available in store.